Posted on 16-08-2017


«Le fait d’avoir choisi le site des ‘Hauts-Fourneaux’ à Esch-sur-Alzette’ était un signal très fort pour nos équipes managériales.

Le Luxembourg – venant d’une culture agricole – se réinvente à chaque fois !

C’est précisément ce que nous devons faire dans nos métiers de l’industrie financière !»

Picture : Country Head UBS Luxembourg René Mottas and Bob in the famous red chair.

«Complexity is becoming a new norm of our and many other industries.

So how can we learn to deal with the intensity and the speed of change?

And how can we embrace this evolution and turn complexity into an opportunity?

External complexity is a given parameter.

Learn to live with it and to adapt to it!

Internal complexity can be influenced.

So dare to turn the complexity into an opportunity!»


It was a fantastic day, many thanks again for your remarkable contribution”, P.S.

 “It was a great day; we all had lots of fun and people very much liked it. The overall feedbacks were very positive. Thank you for your truly great performance; admittedly I was reluctant to hire you and sceptical as I had no idea how you would be perceived but you convinced me fully and entirely. Un grand merci un sublime bravo”, I.S.