"Ton animation a été dynamique, humoristique, humaine, déroutante et en parfaite prise avec nos challenges #bobdelbecque"


"Bob is the best Anti-Depressant I could think of! #bobdelbecque"

— IVECO, CNH Industrial

"Bob is a true European who can touch the buttons of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment! #bobdelbecque"


"Bob war wie immer perfekt vorbereitet! #bobdelbecque"

— KONE, Austria

"It was astonishing to see how an ‘outsider’ like you became an 'insider’ in a few weeks. #bobdelbecque"

— Microsoft

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Bob is your company energizer and personal coach, fluent in 4 languages, who knows how to get the right message across. Whether it’s serious business or a pep talk, Bob speaks with reassurance and touches your heart. He works worldwide, from Dubai to Hannover and from Florida to Gdansk.

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What specific problem or challenge is your company facing? Whether it’s an incentive, merger, lack of motivation, or even a crisis – we’ll work with you to find a tailor-made solution.

Bob meets with management to work out a dedicated approach. We offer conferences in which Bob makes the audience laugh but also think, engaging them so the message gets across. Another option can be a live talkshow in which Bob is the presenter and interviewer. Sketches can also be incorporated based on important company issues.

Do you want to create a dream team? We offer an off-site 2 day team building formula. Based on participants’ motivations or demotivations, Bob is the glue that will hold and point the team in the right direction, thanks to his sense of humour and focus. Each participant goes home with a personal action plan, which is reviewed six weeks later in a follow-up session.

As Personal Coach I like to help you decide what you really want in life and how to achieve it! It’s all about establishing a relation of trust. Open discussion and working on a growth plan with concrete milestones. “Bob fully understands how to give you an incredibly positive energy. He reaches the tools which  give you the necessary confidence to overcome your doubts and to become more confident in life. Bob’s follow up system really helped me step by step! Thank you Bob!”

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In every crisis there is a chance

With this bestseller Bob guides you through essential challenges in work and life and helps you choose between 'crisis' and 'chance'!

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Order the book

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